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NOTICE ABOUT HOLIDAYS: Meetings may relocate or may be cancelled during Holiday and School breaks. For that reason, Holidays are shared on this calandar.. Check the Meeting Locator for chages to the normal meeting schedual..

HURON VALLEY AREA INTERGROUP BUSINESS MEETING ( HVAI ) at 1:00 PM 1st Presbyterian Church basement, 300 N. Washington St.., Ypsilanti 48197 (use office door) (Meets the 3rd Saturday of each month)
DISTRICT 4: AA SERVICE STRUCTURE MEETING, 7:00PM Calvary Methodist Church, 1415 Miller, Ann Arbor, 48103 (Meets on the 3rd Mondays of each month)
CENTRAL MICHIGAN INTRA_AREA 32 (CMIA): 9am Coffee, 9:30am Finance Committee, 10:30am New GSR Orientation, 11:30am Standing Committees , LUNCH at 12:30pm, 1pm General Assembly Meeting. - (Meets every other month on the 1st Sunday of even Months)
STATEWIDE SERVICE MEETINGS: 3 Delegate Areas meet jointly. Everyone is welcome.  DCM’s & Committee Chairpersons coordinate the State Convention & the annual Mock Conference.  Statewide Service Committees Meet: Corrections (11:30 a.m.), Grapevine (12:30 a.m.). General Statewide Meeting (1:30 p.m.) at the West Alano Club, 2909 W. Genesee St. (1 blk south of W. Saginaw St.) Lansing, Michigan. (Meets every 4th Sunday of January, April, July, and October)
July in AA History: AA's Birthday Internation Convention (every 5 years)
August in AA History: Young Peoples ESCYPAA Empire State Convention. Info:
August in AA History: AnnualToledo Area Woman to Woman Luncheon. Visit for more information.
August in AA History:, Chicago Roundup -
August in AA History: International Doctors in A.A. was founded on this day
August in AA History: : The Fellowship Group's Annual Potluck Picnic
August in AA History: Al Cameron Annual Picnic at Grass Lake County Park starts at 12:00pm - Speaker at 1:00pm - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs provided - bring a dish to pass
September in AA History: the Serene Wolverines Meeting Anniversary
Septemberin AA History: Belleville Keeping It Simple Group Anniversary
September : Celebrating!!! Dawn Farm Anniverary Jamboree from 1pm to 6pm, 6633 Stony Creek Road, Ypsilanti 48197
September: Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah
September in AA History: Milan Monday Night Group Anniversary
October Lansing Central Office Presents: "Annual Anniversary Fall Weekend Island House Resort Mackinac Island, MI $225. (each for double) or 340 (Single). For more info please phone 517-377-1444
OCTOBER in AA History: Annual Tri-County Conference. in Troy, MI. Visit for more information.
October 2015: Young Peoples OYPAA Convention
October in AA History: AA National A. A. Archives Workshop
October: Yon Kippur
October: Columbus Day (Meetings in Public Buildings may be closed)
October In AA History: the Beginners and No Smoking Group (at King of Kings) Anniversary
November in AA History: Annual WOMAN to WOMAN Luncheon: contact The Ann Arbor Women's Group for info.
November: Daylight Savings time Ends. We fall back one hour..
November In AA History: St. Joe's (on Whittaker Road) Morning Meeting Anniversary
November in AA History: : Saline Last Chance Group is Celebrating their Anniversary. (first Thursday) Doors open at 6pm,
November: Annual MCYPAA - Michigan Convention of Young People in AA for details.
April ??: Passover

April in AA History: Huron Valley Area Intergroup Presents the Annual Anniversary of A.A. in our Area:

April: AA History Our Area Delegate, Kirk F. will be at the General Service Conference in New York
April in AA History: First International Conference of Young People was held in A.A. 1958
April in AA History: First A.A. General Service Conference 1951
May in AA History: First A.A. Meeting in Cleveland in 1939
June in AA History: 1935: Bill W. & Dr. Bob meet in Akron Ohio
June in AA History: A. A. STARTED 1935!! Founders' Day in Akron Registration usually begins March 1st. Info: FoundersDay
July in AA History: First Cleveland Woman's Group in 1941

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