Anyone may attend OPEN meetings of AA. Many of these meetings consist of volunteer(s) sharing stories of their lives on their paths to recovery. Attending OPEN meetings is a great way to learn about recovery.

Anyone who feels they may belong in AA or Al-Anon because they want to recover from a personal problem involving alcoholism are always welcome to attend any meeting as a member. The only requirement to be a member and attend CLOSED AA meetings is a desire to stop drinking. Those who wish to attend solely to observe, learn about the program, or document attendance at a meeting, should attend OPEN (public) meetings, but may be asked to leave CLOSED meetings.

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A link of online meetings is here ---> PDF File

Attention: During this time of uncertainty related to the Corona Virus, many face 2 face meetings are postponed until further notice. Therefore, our meeting search below ONLY lists meetings we know are currently active. Meetings will be added and removed as their status changes.

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Key to Meeting Type
12X12 Twelve & Twelve read
BA Babysitting Available
AL-AN Al-Anon
AL Alateen
B Big Book read
C Closed (for any person who has a desire to stop drinking)
D Discussion
W Women's Meeting
LGBTQ Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
SL Brief Lead Speaker
SP Speaker
M Men's Meeting
O Open to public
X Wheelchair Access
Y Young People
ASL Interpreted - Sign Language
ST Step Meeting
DD Dual Diagnosis
CF Child Friendly
ONL Online Meeting