We service Lenawee, Livingston, Oakland, Wayne County areas and are located in Washtenaw County. If you would like more information contact us at: office@hvai.org.

Your help is vital!!!! We never want to lose sight of our most fundamental principle: being responsible to the alcoholic who still suffers and wants help.
We are here to serve. Please drop by and see us - browse the literature racks, chat with volunteers and staff, have a cup of AA coffee.
You're always welcome - it's your Intergroup

Office: HVAI, 31 S. Huron St., Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 1-6pm and Saturday from 1-5pm. Office phone: (734) 482-0707
Meeting Locator Helpline: (734) 482-5700


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HelpLine: The 1st Contact HVAI Purpose Preamble
Corrections: A.A. Behind Bars HVAI By-laws 12 Steps
Treatment: Bridging the Gap A.A. Guidelines for Intergroups 12 Traditions
Special Needs: Access for All I.G.R.s: Represent at the HVAI Service Meeting. G.S.R.s: Represent at the District Service Meeting. 12 Concepts
Public Info: Community Outreach HVAI Office At 31 S. Huron St., Ypsilanti 48197. Office Open: Tues. - Fri. 1 - 6pm, Sat 1-5pm.

9th Step Promises
Cooperation with Professionals Order Literature for pick-up by email or phone. Group Inventory
Is A.A. for You? Is There An Alcoholic in Your Life? 7 th Tradition Addresses, Finances, & Start-ups.
Scheduled Committee Meetings Survey: How Are We Doing? Feedback Survey Sign-In Sheets (Meeting Verification)

Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message through the HelpLine, Committee Action & AA literature.
We wish to thank the local AA groups and those individual AA members that support the
Huron Valley Area Intergroup..

HELPLINE: (734) 482-5700

It  is not reviewed or endorsed by A. A. W. S.